The below information will provide you with an introduction to living at the complex and cover the most common questions management are asked about the building.


Residents are requested to book their move with building management at least 48 hours prior to the move so that it can be co-ordinated with other residents. Only one apartment is permitted to move-in to the building at any one time and bookings are accepted on a first-in basis. Residents are currently permitted to move-in to the building 5 days per week, 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, moving outside these times or on Saturday and Sunday is not permitted.

Residents can make a booking and check booking availability by logging into ‘Building Link’ the online management system used to manage the building. Booking availability can be viewed under the ‘reservations’ tab. Building management will confirm your booking and also provide you with a copy of the moving instructions which are also available from the forms section of this website.

Building Maintenance, Cleaning & Emergencies

Building management is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of common areas. Please report any non-urgent matters to building management via email at or via Buildinglink. For building emergencies such as large water leaks, management can be contacted 24/7 on 02 7208 9156.

Additional Garage Remotes & Access Cards

Should additional garage remotes or building access cards be required they can be obtained at a cost of $150 for a remote and $100 for an access card (limit per apartment). Residents can download the access card request form from the forms section of this website.

Residential Door Keys

There is no integrated key system at McLaren Apartments. It is up to an owner to have additional front door keys cut.

Repairs & Maintenance

Building management is responsible for maintaining the buildings common areas. For maintenance items relating to your apartment that are not common property, these must be attended to by the lot owner. Residents are requested to report maintenance items to Building Management via the Building Link system or email so that a record is kept.

Connecting Gas & Electricity

When moving into the building you will need to connect your gas and electricity by contacting a utilities provider. You are free to connect to a utility provider of your choice and they should be able to connect your service by you providing them either your address or meter number. Building Management can provide details of your electricity meter number(s) if required. Contact details of some common utilities providers are:

Energy Australia: 1800 596 517 (

AGL: 13 11 89 (

The electricity meters are read remotely and are located in a cupboard in the building corridors and can be accessed by contacting Building Management. Gas meters are located inside the apartments in a cupboard in the kitchen. Individual stop valves to turn on/off the gas to your apartment can be found in the same location.

Residents should ensure that they cancel their gas and electricity accounts when they move out of the building to ensure they are no longer billed for usage at the apartment.

Water & Hot Water

The cost of water is paid for by your strata levies and an access charge that will be billed to you by Sydney Water; you should confirm that Sydney Water has your correct contact details. Sydney Waters contact details are:

132 092

Individual stop valves to turn on/off the hot and cold water to your apartment are usually found in the laundry or bathroom where the hot water heater is located. If not there, it may be under the sink in either your kitchen or laundry.

Please note that residents are responsible for paying for their individual hot water systems located in apartments.

Phone & Internet

The building is connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN). When occupying the apartment you are free to use a telecommunications provider of your choice to set up your telephone and internet. Providers should be able to set up your connection without accessing the building, however they may require access to the buildings Main Distribution Frame (MDF), which is located in the foyer of the building, on the McLaren St side of the table where deliveries are left. Some popular telecommunications providers are:



TPG: 13 14 23 (


The building is Foxtel ready and residents wanting to use Foxtel’s services should contact them directly to arrange their connection at .

Waste Disposal & Recycling

General garbage can be disposed of using the building’s garbage chute available on each level. Please follow the chute instructions and be cognisant of the size of items placed down the chute.


The building’s by-laws outline the rules of the building such as noise, renovations and tidiness, etc. You can download the building’s by-laws from the library section of Buildinglink or here – Download a copy of McLaren Apartments’ By-laws

Building Link Management System

Building Management use a building management programme ‘Buildinglink’ to manage the building. This programme will record all matters affecting the building and individual apartments allowing residents to report matters relating to their apartment, and track the progress of their issue, receiving regular updates. Residents are not obliged to use Buildinglink if they do not want to and can still report matters via phone or email, regardless of how their issue is reported it will be recorded in Buildinglink for future reference if required.

Buildinglink also contains further information that will be useful to residents that is not on the website or available to the public. This includes fitting and fixture user manuals and warranties, and building plans. This information can be found in the ‘library section’ of Buildinglink once available.

Buildinglink can be accessed via the following link or on the building websites home page. Residents must first register their details with Building Management at the following link and then a username and password will be issued to them.

Resident Information & Communication

‘Buildinglink’ also allows management to easily send emails and sms to all residents to keep them up to date on building matters such as the garage door or lift not working.

To ensure building management has your correct contact details residents (tenants & owners) are requested to please register their information with Building Management by completing the ‘Resident Registration’ form available at the following link or on the home page of the website.

We appreciate your co-operation and look forward to keeping you up to date with matters around the building.

Keeping of Animals

McLaren Apartments is not a pet-friendly building, and the keeping of a pet is prohibited in the by-laws.

Intercom System

Visitors can contact apartments using the buildings intercom system available at the main entrance and at the visitors parking entrance gate. If you are contacted on the intercom system, press the key symbol to open the entrance door, visitors then have a short amount of time to enter the lift and catch the lift to your level.

Please click here for the intercom user manual.

Council Collections

North Sydney Council carry out household waste collections every fortnight. These are carried out on Monday mornings. If you have items that require collection, please put these out for collection on the weekend prior. We ask that all items for collection please be placed on the McLaren St side of the garage exit door. Collections can be booked using the following link: Book a household bulky waste pick up – North Sydney Council (