Forms & Procedures

The following forms contain information and procedures about the subject heading and the application form if required.

Moving Instructions

Prior to moving large items such as furniture in or out of your apartment, please read the following form and contact building management to book your move. Download Moving Instructions

Renovation Application Form

The majority of renovations require approval from the Strata Committee prior to the commencement of works. Please note: Painting of internal walls and re-carpeting do not require an application. Download Renovation Application Form

Access Card Request Form

To obtain an additional or replacement building access card, please complete the following form and send through to Building Management, be sure to follow the instructions in the form. Download Access Card & Garage Remote Request Form

Pet Application

The Owners Corporation understands that some owners may wish to keep a pet on their property. The keeping of any animal on a lot requires written permission from the Owners Corporation ahead of acquiring the pet. This form is to guide owners through the application process. Download the Request to keep a Pet application form

Resident Registration